On the Usage of the Simulator Sickness Questionnaire for Virtual Reality Research

We illustrate the inherent challenges of applying the SSQ in virtual reality research and highlight large differences that can be found in related work. Based on our observations, we conclude by providing suggestions on how to improve the expressiveness of SSQ results in future studies and encourage researchers to consider simpler measurement methods if their research questions allow.

The Collaborative Virtual Reality Neurorobotics Lab

We present the collaborative Virtual Reality Neurorobotics Lab, which allows multiple collocated and remote users to experience, discuss and participate in neurorobotic experiments in immersive virtual reality.

Navigation in Immersive Virtual Reality - The Effects of Steering and Jumping Techniques on Spatial Updating (Extended Thesis Abstract)

This thesis describes navigation by jumping, a range-restricted variant of teleportation commonly implemented in modern VR applications. It illustrates the design space of jumping techniques and evaluates them with respect to spatial orientation performance and simulator sickness. The results indicate that jumping is a viable alternative to steering.