Group Navigation for Guided Tours in Distributed Virtual Environments

Group navigation techniques should be comprehensible for both the guide and the attendees, assist the group in avoiding collisions with obstacles, and allow the creation of meaningful spatial arrangements with respect to objects of interest. To meet these requirements, we developed a group navigation technique based on short-distance teleportation and evaluated it in an initial user study.

Multi-Window 3D Interaction for Collaborative Virtual Reality

We present a novel collaborative virtual reality system that offers multiple immersive 3D views at large 3D scenes. The physical setup consists of two synchronized multi-user 3D displays - a tabletop and a large vertical projection screen. Our developments enable seamless 3D interaction across these independent 3D views.

Getting There Together: Group Navigation in Distributed Virtual Environments

We analyzed the design space of group navigation tasks in distributed virtual environments and present a framework consisting of techniques to form groups, distribute responsibilities, navigate together, and eventually split up again. To improve joint navigation, our work focused on an extension of the Multi-Ray Jumping technique that allows adjusting the spatial formation of two distributed users as part of the target specification process.