Multi-Ray Jumping: Comprehensible Group Navigation for Collocated Users in Immersive Virtual Reality

In this paper, we focus on the design and evaluation of short-range teleportation techniques (jumping) for a group of collocated users wearing head-mounted displays. We formulate the requirements for comprehensible group jumping and propose a novel Multi-Ray Jumping technique for the joint travel of collocated dyads.

Spatial Updating and Simulator Sickness During Steering and Jumping in Immersive Virtual Environments

In this paper, we present a formal description and classification scheme for teleportation techniques and its application to the classification of jumping, a range-restricted variant of teleportation for exploring virtual environments. In addition, we demonstrate the results of a user study that compared jumping to the more conventional steering regarding spatial updating and simulator sickness.

The Massive Mobile Multiuser Framework: Enabling Ad-Hoc Realtime Interaction on Public Displays with Mobile Devices

In this paper, we present the Massive Mobile Multiuser (M³) framework, a software platform designed to enable setup-free, real-time, concurrent interaction with shared public displays through large numbers of personal mobile devices. M³ enables immediate interaction through the mobile browser without requiring prior setup on the user side and real-time interaction suitable for fast multiplayer games.